Applied Research Part I

What is "Real"?

What is "Authentic"?

How can one classify human motion?

How can one honestly measure human creativity?

What are the limits of man’s higher powers?

These are the questions asked of those truth seekers

Who tread upon the thousand mile path of the modern?

(Neoteric) warrior.

Other men cannot answer these questions.

The answers must be found within yourself.

Other men can lead you to the "threshold of knowledge", but only you alone can cross that threshold and enter that domain as a fully awakened being.

Can one martial culture claim actual ownership of specific human motions over another culture?

Whom they say "stole it" from them?

Isn't it possible that other people have also discovered the same or similar truths in their quest for species survival over the millennia?

And besides, how stupid and shallow, arrogant and ignorant even to lay claim to human motion!

Why can't a skill or an action simply be what it is?

What it really comes down to be just "human motion", plain and simple.

Approaching the martial arts from that high ground perspective changes everything for the better!

(NMS) Natural Motion Systems.


Why the name Natural Motion Systems?


As it refers to Nature

(Fundamental principle and ultimate tendency “essence”)-Motion

As it refers to movement or the activity of Nature.

(The law of change and its inevitable development “Evolution”).


As it refer to the systematization of Nature

(The basic principle, concepts and elements which moves and combines things gradually developed ” Innovation”).

"... That among entities there must be some cause (Essence) which moves and combines things ... There must then be a principle of such a kind that its substance is activity