Applied Research part II

What’s the secret?

What is "real?"

And what is "authentic"

Methodology is the secret of Martial arts & Sciences!

What is real – Authentic and true is,

SKILL and ability, those things are truth!

Skill and ability are again through a method of training that how it’s validated.

NMS –Natural Motion Systems

We do applied research on human motion more so than styles. Avoiding confusing terms and inaccurate translations allows one to concentrate upon their true task of understanding their own potentials and abilities (essence).

NMS main focus sure skill and ability,

So we concentrate upon the reality of human motion.

We can teach our method rather quickly by using terms that people understand and remember (science).

It's very natural progression (method) for students to learn advanced fighting skills (evolution) because of this simple change, which we have implemented throughout the curriculum (innovation).

Names for techniques must exist. But those names, terms and references must be relevant to that specific culture that you are operating in (at the moment) or what ensues then is confusion.

Getting past barriers (research of possibilities vs. pursuit of limitations) and learning that the recognition of motion is more important than some have considered it to be is the first step to defeating confusion.

This step is crucial to those on the road to actual mastery and truth.

Limitations and barriers can be self-imposed.

We must know how to look inward and counsel ourselves through accurate introspection (critical thinking).

NMS “mindful practice vs. meaningless repetition”

Approaching the martial arts from that high ground perspective changes everything for the better!

(NMS) Natural Motion Systems.


“From the form to its Essence,

From the classical to its evolution,

From the purist of limitation,

To the research of possibilities,

NMS a Way of understanding and practice.”