Applied Research Part III

What’s the secret?

What is "real?"

And what is "authentic"

Methodology - is the secret of Martial arts.

What is real – is Personal self-actualization has real value,

The highest form of education.

Authentic and true- is skill, ability and wisdom.


” Skill, ability and knowledge is acquired by applied research

(Time, energy and effort).

“Rewards and punishment is the lowest form of education.”

― Zhuangzi (Chinese Philosopher)

A Certificate, Trophies, rank belt …..ect (rewards)

And the taking away or loss of a Title, championship Belt, ranking…ect (punishment)

Is a lower form of education?

The goal of (material things) and that such recognition then transforms into some type of skill, ability and knowledge?

Is that ultimate martial pursuit?

The Ultimate Martial Pursuit is the pursuit itself. (The path, the way).

The virtue, merits, and knowledge (wisdom) acquired through daily mindful practice (applied research).

The actual practice is all.

(The practice itself) is what educates the mind-body and spirit.

The real goal is building skill and knowledge.

This form of "real" is closer to what is true than the other forms of "real".

It comes down to each individual to either make or break their training goals.

Teachers can only do their part. The rest is your part!

Nothing makes the point about being real and authentic like actually being able to back up your words with implicit action.

NMS “lead by energy, example and excellence.